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This is the personal blog of Eric Tung (aka Yuhao Dong, “nullchinchilla”).

I build technologies necessary for human autonomy and self-organization in cyberspace. This is done by using unbreakable cryptographic mechanisms to secure users against centralized information manipulation and privacy invasion.

I am the founder, CEO, and lead developer of Themelio, a new kind of public blockchain designed as a radically immutable and autonomous trust substrate. Themelio’s vision is to replace the current Internet’s centralized roots of trust with a decentralized, neutral, and secure alternative. In 2020, Themelio received seed funding from Polychain Capital, and we are now a rapidly growing startup with a public token launch in its near future.

I am also the creator and maintainer of Geph, a VPN with uniquely strong censorship circumvention and user privacy guarantees based on advanced cryptography. Geph evolved out of a passion for anti-censorship technologies since childhood — I started developing Geph’s predecessor, Yasfib, in 2010 as a 12-year-old living in China, a year after China began mass blocking of mainstream websites. Today Geph has stood up to numerous targeted attacks from China and Iran’s internet censorship programs: it is one of the few secure VPNs functioning reliably in countries with heavy censorship. It has also grown to a profitable business with more than 60,000 active users.