About this site

This is the personal website of Eric Tung (aka “nullchinchilla”, "ithisa").

About me

I build software that protects privacy, autonomy, and free coordination online.

I am the creator and maintainer of Geph (https://geph.io/), an open-source VPN focused on applying in production state-of-the-art censorship circumvention and privacy techniques, such as robust bridge-distribution algorithms, strong traffic obfuscation, and blind-signature authentication. Geph is currently deployed at a large scale, with its official freemium instance serving more than 400k daily users from censored regions like Mainland China and Iran.

I am currently building Mel (https://melproject.org/), a new public blockchain designed as a minimal, embeddable protocol for solving root-of-trust and "billboard" problems within privacy- and autonomy-enhancing network systems.

I grew up in Beijing and Toronto, and currently live in Miami.

An up-to-date CV can be found here.


Some of my other interests include historical linguistics, science fiction world-building, and Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy.

Blogs I like:

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